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As cooler weather approaches, we love finding new ways to style one of our favorite Fall & Winter fashion trends, flannel! Flannel clothing, along with most plaid styles, are versatile closet staples that are sure to remain in your wardrobe for years to come. So if you don’t already have some flannel styles in your collection, it may be time to grab one for chilly days ahead! Before we share our favorite ways to style flannels, let’s break down how a “flannel” differs from “plaid” pieces. 

What is the Difference Between Flannel and Plaid Styles?

The best way to understand the difference between flannel and plaid is to remember that flannel is the type of fabric and plaid is the pattern on the fabric. Flannel is typically made from wool or cotton that has a brushed texture to it. The fibers of this fabric are usually raised a little, allowing it to trap heat and keep you warmer. Flannel styles are often designed with a plaid pattern. Plaid usually involves a variety of colors that cross over each other in a grid-like pattern. We have some seriously cute flannel and plaid styles here at Pulse! Let’s take a look at four ways we like to style them. 

Keeping it Simple

For the first outfit idea, we took one of our trendy bleached and dip dyed button-up plaid tops and paired it with jeans and knee high boots. This look is the most simple because it just involves buttoning up the top and not adding any layers over it. We decided to dress this outfit up by pairing it with the chic knee high boots in black. But another way you could style your favorite button up plaid top is with leggings and sneakers for a more casual look.

styling flannel shirts


Just Add a Cardigan

For the next outfit, we decided to have a little fun with layering! We paired one of our buffalo plaid button up tops with our best-selling popcorn knit cardigan in black. This outfit idea is great for when you have a flannel top that is more lightweight. Not in the mood to grab a cardigan? You can’t go wrong with a denim jacket or a puffer vest on cooler days.  When in doubt, don’t be afraid to layer up!

style flannel with cardigan


Around Your Waist

Did you know you can use flannel or plaid tops as a way to accessorize an outfit? One of our favorite classic ways to style a flannel top is by tying it around your waist. This is a great way to transition your outfit in between each season. On days when it’s cooler in the mornings and warmer during the daytime, you can easily untie the top from your waist and layer it over your favorite graphic tee or tank top. Try out this styling idea with a dress during the Spring and Summer. You won’t be disappointed!

flannel around the waist


Wear it as a “Shacket”

Although flannel and plaid styles have been around for many years, there are always different terms that become popular in the fashion world. This year has seen a rise in popularity of the “Shacket.” A shacket is essentially an oversized top that’s a combination of a shirt and jacket. It typically has buttons and is usually made of a thicker material for added warmth. Many shackets are flannel and have a plaid pattern (like the one we styled below). We are going crazy over shackets at Pulse and have found that the best way to style them is by layering one over a henley or graphic tee. For this outfit, we took one of our new oversized shackets and paired it with a plain white tee, high waisted jeans and knee high boots. This look is great for brunch, shopping or even a night out!

flannel shacket


The best thing about a flannel top is that it’s a timeless piece of clothing that you can style many ways at anytime of the year. We not only love the versatility of flannel tops, but we also love how they have the ability to keep you looking cute and feeling comfortable. For more ideas on how to style flannels, plaid tops or shackets, join our VIP Group on Facebook


A Few Bonus Tips


  • Are Flannels in Style for 2020?  We believe flannels and plaid tops are a classic clothing piece that will never really go out of style, especially during the Fall and Winter. But, when it comes to wearing pieces that are “in style,” we recommend you wear whatever makes you feel the most confident. It doesn't have to be trendy in order to keep you looking cute, comfy and casual. 
  • What Pants Do You Wear With a Flannel? The great thing about flannels is that they come in all shapes and sizes. Nowadays, we are seeing plaid-patterned flannels that fit more oversized. This means they are great to pair with comfy leggings. But if you have a flannel that’s shorter or smaller in size, we recommend pairing it with your favorite jeans. 
  • Do You Tuck a Flannel? You can absolutely tuck a flannel if you have it buttoned up and if it fits more oversized. The best way to tuck a flannel or plaid top is to take the excess fabric in the front and slightly tuck it into the top of your pants. This method works even better if you have a pair of high waisted jeans and a belt to tie the whole look together. You could also leave a few of the buttons at the bottom of your flannel undone and tie the two pieces together for a cute knotted look.  


Add a Flannel Top From Pulse to Your Closet Today!

Now that you have an idea on what a flannel is and how to style it, it’s time to add some to your wardrobe. Don’t miss out on looking cute and feeling comfy with Pulse. Browse our variety of Fall & Winter plaid styles in our new arrivals today!



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