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Dresses are a timeless fashion piece that can remain in your closet for many years. But, when the weather starts getting cooler, styling a dress can often become challenging. If you are wondering how to wear a dress in the Winter, The Pulse Boutique is here to help! Check out our four tips for wearing dresses in the Winter and take a look at our outfit ideas in the video below.


1. Pair a Dress With Leggings and Knee High Boots 

Our first tip is to pair your favorite dress with knee high boots and cozy leggings instead of lightweight tights! This styling method works especially well for those times when you want to wear a short dress in the winter. Leggings under a dress give the same sophisticated look as tights without sacrificing warmth. We decided to grab one of our long sleeve knit dresses that fits a little shorter and pair it with our Pulse Basics leggings. These fleece lined leggings combined with a pair of knee high boots will keep you extra warm this winter.

Style dress with leggins and knee high boots


2. Layer Up with a Puffer Vest and a Cami Underneath 

When styling a dress in wintertime, don’t be afraid to add some layers! We love wearing camisoles or tank tops underneath dresses for an added layer of warmth. But if you want to look and feel super cozy in dresses this winter, we recommend grabbing a puffer vest and even a scarf. We have found that puffer vests are best to pair with long sleeve dresses. Add fleece lined leggings and knee high boots like our look in Tip 1 for an extra warm outfit. For this look, we decided to take our long sleeve knit dress and style it with our plaid puffer vest and knee high boots.

layer puffer vest and cami with dress


3. Style a Maxi Dress with a Denim or Leather Jacket

When you think of maxi dresses, you may be reminded of warmer weather and vacation-season. They are often seen as a staple piece during the summer due to how colorful and flowy they tend to be. But believe it or not, maxi dresses are also perfect to style in fall and winter! They are usually form fitting at the top and cut to flow a little more loosely over the body towards the bottom. This means they cover up most of your body so you have no need to worry about adding leggings or higher boots. We decided to take one of our favorite printed sleeveless maxi dresses and style it with our dark wash denim jacket. If you aren’t feeling the denim jacket look, try going with a leather or corduroy jacket! We topped this look off with some closed-toe flats.

pair maxi dress with denim or leather jacket


4. Pair a Long Sleeve Dress with a Cardigan 

The great thing about dresses is that they come in a large variety of shapes, sizes and styles. Long sleeve dresses are great to wear in the cooler months of the year because they add coverage to your arms. But what if that extra layer is still not enough to keep you warm? This is where we recommend grabbing a medium to thick cardigan and layering it over your dress. Our popcorn knit cardigans are extra cozy and great to pair with almost any outfit during the fall and winter. These cardigans come in so many different colors as well! So for this look we decided to take our mustard yellow popcorn knit cardigan and pair it with a gorgeous floral print long sleeve dress. For shoes, we went with ankle booties but this outfit would also be great with knee high boots.

pair dress with long sleeve cardigan


Some Extra Tips for Styling Dresses

  • What Shoes do You Wear With a Dress in the Winter: If your goal is to look cute and stay warm while wearing dresses in the winter, we definitely recommend grabbing a pair of knee high boots. They add more coverage to your leggings and are extra warm when you style them with leggings. For longer dresses, go for a pair of ankle booties! They will keep you warmer than your typical heels or wedges. If you’re styling a more casual dress in the winter, don’t be afraid to put on some high top sneakers. 

  • How Do You Style a Sleeveless Dress in the Winter: Sleeveless dresses like the maxi dress we styled above can often be a challenge to make warmer in the winter. So that’s when it comes in handy to layer a camisole under the dress and then add on a warm jacket or cardigan. For a more trendy look, try adding a turtleneck sweater or a long sleeve top under your favorite sleeveless dress.

  • How Do I Make a Dress Casual in the Winter? The great thing about a lot of dresses is that you can easily dress them up or down. If you want to make your dresses more casual in the winter while still staying warm, we recommend styling them with denim jackets, sneakers and a beanie. You could also pull off a casual look in the winter by pairing your dress with a plaid top or flannel shacket. For more tips on how to style flannel and plaid, check out our previous blog post here!

    Add a Dress to Your Winter Wardrobe Today!

    Now that you know a few of the best ways to style dresses in the winter, it’s time to refresh your closet with new styles! Here at Pulse, we have cute, comfy and casual dresses that are perfect for anytime of the year. Add a new Pulse dress to your wardrobe when you should our daily new arrivals! 


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