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When your life gets busy, being able put together an outfit that keeps you looking stylish and feeling comfy can often be challenging! Here at Pulse, we love to focus on providing cute, casual and comfy clothing pieces that can be effortlessly styled in different ways throughout the year. Our intent is to make your experience getting dressed in the morning a little easier. So, we came up with a few tips on how to put together outfits quickly and easily no matter what kind of day you are having. 

The Pulse Outfit Formula 

We’ve found that there are three main aspects that go into creating an outfit:

The Basic Piece + Complimentary Piece + Statement Piece = The Cutest Outfit! Take a look at how our Pulse team member, Myrissa, utilized this formula to put together an outfit and then we will break down these steps in more detail. 

The Basic Piece 

Putting an outfit together is a lot like baking a cake. You can’t create a delicious cake without basic ingredients like flour or sugar. So that’s why we recommend always starting with the styles you already have in your wardrobe when you want to create a quick and easy outfit. Basic pieces are typically going to include your staple styles like the plain white tee, your favorite dark wash jeans, cozy sweater or little black dress. So go ahead! Take a peek inside your closet and grab your basic piece. For this look, we decided to go with our This is Me Notch Top in Off White and pair it with some KanCan Jeans.


white tee and distressed jeans

The Complimentary Piece 

The complimentary piece is exactly what it sounds like! It’s purpose is to compliment and accompany the basic styles you’ve already put on. It’s like that step in the baking process where you start to mix the main ingredients with the more fun and tasty ingredients. Complimentary pieces can include anything from bracelet sets and bold necklaces to bright colored purses or trendy patterned ankle booties. When Myrissa was creating her Pulse outfit, she decided to add one of our pendant necklaces, beaded bracelet sets and suede booties to compliment the look.

 jewelry and booties

The Statement Piece

As you can probably guess, the statement piece in the outfit formula is like the icing on a cake. It’s the main attraction and focus of the entire look. Statement pieces are hard to miss and are usually what brings the entire outfit together. If you’re looking in your closet and struggling to find a statement piece, know that it can be something as simple as a patterned cardigan or a plaid vest. It can also be any style that is made of a unique fabric like velvet sneakers, a lace kimono or a denim jacket. When completing this quick and easy look, Myrissa finished off with one of our favorite bold striped cardigans.


style outfit with cardigan

Some Extra Tips

How to Look Classy and Put Together:

When putting together an outfit that is more on the classy side, it’s important to focus on pieces that are more timeless than trendy. Timeless pieces include styles like blazers, open front cardigans, black jeans, loafers and basic accessories. For example, if you want to add a classy touch to your favorite little black dress, you can pair it with a long cardigan or a patterned blazer and some flats. 

Help Putting Outfits Together:

If you ever need personal help putting outfits together, we have an entire community of Pulse ladies here to give you any type of fashion guidance. Join the Pulse family in our Pulse Boutique VIP Group on Facebook now!


Try Out the Pulse Outfit Formula Yourself

So now that you know the simple formula of how to put together an outfit quickly and easily, it’s time to start seeking out inspiration for future outfits you can add to your wardrobe. If you’re ready to add new basic, complimentary or statement pieces to your closet, shop our daily new arrivals today!


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