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Some days just call for the comfy look and feel of an oversized tee or top. They’re effortless and easy to style for work and play.

There are endless ways to style an oversized top, whether it be a graphic tee, a simple v-neck or even a hoodie. Grab your favorite oversized piece and let’s dive in.


Our Favorite Oversized Top Tip: Tie It Up!


Here at The Pulse Boutique, our favorite way to style our oversized tops is to tie them into a knot. Just grab the excess fabric at the front of your top and tie it as tight as you like. You can also tie your knot to the left or the right—it all depends on the look you’re going for.

styling oversized shirts


There are many ways you can tie up your top. For a shorter style, take the excess fabric, twist it until it forms a spiral, wrap it around and pull the end through. You can also do the same steps at the back of your top for a cute back knot. Or, for baggier tops, grab two sections and tie just like you do your sneakers. There are zero rules here—just have fun with it!


Other Stylish Ways to Wear Your Favorite Oversized Top

Not feeling the knot? There are a ton of other ways to elevate your favorite oversized top. Here are more of our favorites.

Tuck It

The “tuck” is one of our holy grail styling tricks. Not only is it easy, but it takes any outfit to the next level. To do a tuck, simply take the excess fabric in the front of your shirt and tuck it in. Pull a bit out to loosen it up.

tuck oversized shirt


You can also try tucking your shirt on the side and letting the front fall. For button-up shirts like flannels and chambray, try unbuttoning halfway and tucking one side. Or tuck your entire oversized shirt into some high waisted jeans for a 90s-esque style.


Throw on Some Bike Shorts

Bike shorts are not only stylish but extremely soft and comfy. Try throwing your favorite oversized graphic tee over some patterned bike shorts. Add your favorite slip-on sneakers to complete your look.

oversized tops with biker shorts


Pull It Off Your Shoulder

If you’re styling an oversized sweater or tee, try pulling it off your shoulder. To complete the look, add a lace bralette in a coordinating color.


Wanna Try It Out for Yourself? Check Out Our New Arrivals!

Oversized tops are having a moment—and we’re here for it. To make sure you don’t miss out, check out our new arrivals!


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