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There’s not a styling session that goes by where we don’t tuck a top. It’s one of our favorite ways to style our favorite pieces—and we know it’s one of yours, too! We get a ton of questions asking us how we do the perfect front tuck without having it look bulky or out of place. We’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn more.


What Tops Should You Tuck?

When it comes to tops, there’s really no limit to what you can tuck. Yet, we’ve found that drapey tops made slightly oversized work best. Shorter tops tend to come untucked often which leads to you fixing it constantly throughout the day. Not fun.


how to front tuck top

It’s also a great idea to stay away from tunic tops with a lot of fabric. Tucking these tops will result in a bulky and uncomfortable amount of fabric around your waist and inside your waistband.


Why Should I Try the Front Tuck?

Oversized tops tend to be boxy and lack shape. And while we love a good shapeless top for binge-watching days, sometimes you want to look a bit more put-together. The front tuck helps you achieve just that by defining your waist and elevating your look.


3 Steps to Perfecting the “Front Tuck”

The front tuck isn’t as difficult as it looks. You can create the perfect front tuck in three simple steps:

  1. Pull your top out and tight at the hem.
  2. Tuck the front fabric into your waistband about two inches (or three to four inches for longer tops). You’ll want to make sure the fabric isn’t bunching inside the waistband. It should be flat for the best results.
  3. Now, pull the top to blouse it out a bit. You’ll want to do this until you achieve the look you want.
front tucked shirt

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Voila! Now you have the perfect front tuck. You can also try tucking your shirt to either side for a slightly different look. Want to take your style even further? Try adding a cute belt you can show off underneath the tuck.

Test Your New Front Tuck Skills By Checking Out Our New Arrivals

Learning a new skill is the perfect excuse to treat yourself. The Pulse Boutique offers many comfy and effortless pieces perfect for front tucking to your heart’s content. Go ahead and check out our new arrivals today.


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