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Contract/Freelance Photographer

Pulse is seeking a freelance photographer to photograph and edit pictures for our e-commerce clothing site. Most shoots will take place in our natural light studio in Newton, Iowa, with the occasional on location lifestyle type shoot. All of our shoots are done during business hours and we average 1-2 shoots per week. No evening, night or weekend shoots. Occasional early mornings needed depending on seasonality.

Estimated Monthly Income Range: $4250-$5250

Skills Needed:

  • Minimum 4 Years Photography Experience
  • Able to shoot 1-2x per week as needed
  • Comfortable Shooting Indoors Using Natural and Artificial Light
  • Extremely Proficient in Photoshop and Lightroom
  • Ability to Color Match Product Photos to Reflect True Color of Item
  • Comfortable Posing Models and Small Groups
  • Able to Accurately Convey Our Brand Through Product and Lifestyle Photos
  • Able to travel 2-4x a year for destination shoots if needed
  • Works Well In a Team Environment
  • Strong Written and Verbal Communication Skills
  • Great Work Ethic, Self Starter and Excellent Problem Solving Skills

What You’d Be Doing:

  • Shooting Product Photos Indoor and Outside
  • Setting Up/Tearing Down Photoshoots & Equipment
  • On Location Lifestyle Shoots
  • Edit and Process Photos within 3 business days
  • Color Match Product Photos To Accurately Show Item Color
  • Brainstorm New Shoot Locations and Ideas

Bonus Skills

  • Commercial/Brand Photography Experience
  • Video Editing Experience


    Please send your resume and/or cover letter to: