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It’s always exciting when you discover new ways to take your outfits to the next level! What’s even more appealing is when you learn fashion hacks that allow you to repurpose styles you already have in your closet. Take for example, the plain white tee. This closet staple is versatile and perfect for everyday. But what if we told you there’s a way to make the plain white tee a little less “plain?” Tying a knot in any top is a classic way to give your outfit a more polished look with minimal effort. It’s also a surefire way to save yourself a trip to the tailor. 

How To Tie The Knot

Step 1: Grab the top that you want to knot. Our tip is to choose one that has a more of a loose fit! (But you can definitely try this with tops that are more fitted).



Step 2: Grab the excess fabric at the bottom of the top and pull it away from your body.



Step 3: Create a loop with the excess fabric around two or three of your fingers.



Step 4: Pull the excess fabric through the loop and adjust the knot as needed. You can do this in the center or either side of the shirt.



Here’s a Look at All of the Steps Combined


See another example below with a short sleeve top!


Practice really does make perfect when it comes to adding a knot to a top! So keep trying until you achieve the look you are going for. The way the knot looks will vary depending on the type of top you are wearing. For example, if you are wearing a looser fitting top, the knot may make the top look more form fitting and tailored. It is usually easier to achieve a knot when the top has some stretch to it as well. So we recommend going with styles that contain spandex or polyester. 

Now that you’ve learned how to tie a knot in your favorite tops, it’s time to find the perfect top and chat outfit ideas. 

Find The Perfect Stretchy Tops

We have so many cute stretchy tops that are so perfect for adding a knot! Shop our favs below or check out all of our casual tops here.  

Simple Yet Chic

Adding a knot to a top is sorta like accessorizing it without having to actually pair it with jewelry. So that’s why we decided to throw on this top with non-distressed denim and heeled booties for a simply yet very stylish outfit. This look is great for when you need to head out the door quickly and still want to look put together. 



Work Friendly

Adding a knot to your top is a great way to get away with wearing it more than once in the same week! For example, you can take your favorite v-neck and tuck it into a skirt for one day at work. Then, on a different day you can add a knot to that v-neck and style it with a classic cardigan, jeans and flats like this!

 knotted shirt for work


A Night Out

Here at Pulse, we love versatility! There’s nothing better than being able to take an outfit from day to night with minimal effort. Our favorite way to style the knotted top for a night out is by pairing it with distressed jeans and knee high boots. You can also add a stylish hat or jewelry for a trendy touch.

 knotted shirt for night out


On the Go

When you’re out running errands, there’s nothing better than an outfit that keeps you feeling comfortable and confident. You can either throw on some denim and sandals or go for something even more comfy. For this look, we decided to pair the knotted top with our Pulse leggings and Blowfish patterned sneakers for an extra touch of style.

knotted shirt casual


Chilling Out 

Who says you can’t look fashionable on lazy days? Our tip for adding a touch of style to casual outfits is to make the knot a little looser and wear the top slightly off your shoulder for a laidback look. Then, pair it with your favorite joggers and high top sneakers. This look is also wearable enough to throw on if you need to go in public.

 knotted shirt relaxation


Once you’ve mastered tying a knot in your top, there are truly endless ways to style it. Our advice is to try knotting several of your go-to tops and see which ones you feel most comfortable in. The best thing about the knot technique is that it gives you a reason to shop your own closet for styles you may have forgotten about. 


Some Extra Tips

  • If you want to knot a top that does not have a lot of excess fabric, use a hair band or rubber band to loop around it. 
  • If you have knotted a top and it turns out slightly cropped or shorter, pair it with high waisted jeans or a high waisted skirt. 
  • Instead of adding a knot to a top, you can also tie two excess pieces of it together to create a similar look.


Refresh Your Wardrobe with Styles You Can Knot! -- Check out Our New Arrivals

There’s never a wrong time to add new clothes to your wardrobe! Whether you’re looking for versatile tops that you can add a knot to, unique styles or just plain comfy outfits, Pulse has you covered. Come shop our daily new arrivals today!


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