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Hi Ladies!

As some of you know my name is Mallory. I started this business around June and have been so blessed to run this business. I also work full time as an HR Admin Assistant. That's where I met my new model Mandy!

Right now it's just me and my little sister (who does most of the shipping) running things. Most of my spare time is spent picking out new clothes for the boutique and brainstorming ideas to make it better for you all!

Some of you ask ''whats the best part about your job". That's a no brainer, THE CLOTHES!! It's really hard not to keep 1 of everything! (My closet is SO not big enough for that!!)

The worst (or most boring) is the accounting! I'd order new clothes all day if I could!!

We're looking at adding a video series to our website that explains who we are, return/exchange policies, fashion advice, and fashion forcasting! I'm very excited to get that started so hopefully you'll see some new videos on our website soon!

Until then, Feel free to comment anything you'd like to see the Boutique do or have. Wether it be carrying a certian type of clothing or new pattern or just a general I'd like you guys to do this.. :)


P.S We also just started shipping most of orders out in BRIGHT Pink envelopes.. How fun is that?! Now you'll know when you see the bright pink it's your order from The Pulse!



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