Love Pulse?

If you love sharing your #pulsestyle on social media and telling all your friends about us, apply to be a PBA [Pulse Brand Ambassador]!


Earn 20% commission on eligible orders

Join the private community of other PBA members

Share exclusive discounts with your friends

PBA Testimonials

"Hey! I’m Katie, and I’ve been a PBA since the very beginning, April 2019. Through being a brand ambassador, I’ve been able to make women feel confident and comfortable in their own skin, which has been something I’ve always struggled with myself, and it has been so rewarding to know I’ve been a part of that. I’ve loved every minute of sharing my love of this amazing clothing boutique and brand with all of my friends, family, and followers!"

Katie  - Grand Chute, WI 

"Being a Brand Ambassador for The Pulse Boutique has been such an exciting opportunity! It’s been so fun representing such an amazing boutique for the past two months. I look forward to sharing new arrivals and sales with my friends every day! The best part of all is hearing how my friends love the clothing as much as I do!"

Marcie  - Corry, PA

"Being a Pulse Brand Ambassador has been such a fun and rewarding experience. I’ve been in love with this company, the sweet girls, and the gorgeous clothes for a few years now. It’s been so great to be able to share them with my friends and to offer them my exclusive discount and sneak peaks of new arrivals. It’s awesome that you don’t have to do daily posts if you don’t want to, the program is incredibly flexible. The best part though is how addicting it is to watch your link click count and sales climb! The PBA perks are an awesome little bonus too."

Tawny  - Silverton, OR


What are the requiments to be a Pulse Brand Ambassador?

  • 18+ years old
  • Tier 3 Pulse Perks customer
  • Active on social media
    • Must have a Facebook account
    • Must add account manager (Alivia Gerstein) as Facebook friend
  • Have a social media presence that represents Pulse well
  • Cannot represent for other boutiques at the same time

Perks of being a Pulse Brand Ambassador

  • Join a community of fun, Pulse loving gals
  • Sneak peeks of the behind the scene action at Pulse
  • Earn commission on qualifying purchases
  • As a PBA you have the opportunity to join a secret tier in your Pulse Perks account
  • Earn Pulse gift cards for meeting monthly goals
  • Opportunity to volunteer for gifted items in return for a product review in the VIP Facebook group

How do I apply to be a Pulse Brand Ambassador?

  • After you have submitted your application you will receive a confirmation email! Due to a high interest in the Pulse Brand Ambassador Program, please do not worry if you do not hear back on your application immediately. If you are accepted into the program you will receive a welcome email from
    • Please be sure to check your email and junk folders regularly!

How do I earn a commission?

  • What are you looking to get out of being a Pulse Brand Ambassador? We offer the flexibility for you to chose the offer that best fits your personal needs!

Monthly Goals

  • Pulse Brand Ambassadors are asked to meet only ONE of the following goals on a monthly bases.
    • 40 Unique Link clicks (50 devices click on your personalized Pulse link)
    • 1 sale to a new customer (a customer who has never purchased from Pulse before, shopped though your link or used your code at checkout)


What happens if I do not meet the monthly goals?

  • It is no big deal if you do not meet one of the monthly goals!! Life gets busy and we understand! Take a month off, and feel free to re-apply after a month break! Contact the account manager to re-apply!